Friday, July 23, 2021

[Psalm 15:1-5]

3. whose tongue utters no slander,

who does no wrong to a neighbor,

and casts no slur on others


Today's Bible verse is about who may dwell in God's sacred tent/holy mountain.

In verse 3, it says that person does not say any sladerous words or uses slur on others.


I usually don't make fun of others or use profanity.

So when I first read this verse, I felt I was immune from such warning.

But then, I thought about what I did on the computer yesterday.


At first it was harmless.

I just vented about what this person did to me.

But as soon as I posted it on the chat room, 

not only did other people empathize with me,

but they started talking bad about the person.

It was as if they knew who I was talking about.


The funny thing is, as I was reading about other people's comments,

I found myself feeling better.  It was as if I didn't do anything wrong.


Looking back, I realize I would have done exactly the same if I were in her shoes.

I felt bad for posting about the incident.

I learned the danger of posting negative comments that also leads others to write other bad comments.

After reading this verse, I decided to resist writing in the chat room whenever I want to vent.


Speaking negatively about others is harmful.

But now with computers, writing a bad comment is just as bad.

I will be careful about what I post even if it is just a chat room.


So, today I decided not to post anything bad about anyone.

And thankfully, nothing bad happened.